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My little sister

Hi guys! My younger sister, who is 12, is struggling with anorexia. It has been so hard on my family, and her of course. I just feel like no one can relate to what I’m going through, being her older sister and watching it all happen. It is scary, and sad, and feels like there is no way out. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Dealing with it.

Yeah, when things are difficult they are difficult, and it's hard to pretend otherwise. Lecturing the person, and trying to persuade them that they are being illogical - My guess is you've already found out how well that works. Not particularly well, usually.

Does it seem that your sister is happy ? If not, that's something that most of us can sympathize with, so that might be something to try. Rather than the "Don't worry, everything gonna be fine" approach. Which generally doesn't work that well either.

So see what you can do to try and put yourself in her shoes. And imagine what might be helpful for you to hear ?

NOT, "Oh boy, you're looking thinner", but more like "It's gotta feel rough to be in a position like this."