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Struggling with behaviors every day. I made a deal with my nutritionist today to eat all my meals and no behaviors so far I have. I am so uncomfortable. My team would like me to go to treatment but it is not an option right now. Part of me wants to go to treatment because I feel I need it but also don’t want to leave my cars and my job even though I hate my job I was in treatment last year...took a 4 month medical leave but came home 3 weeks later’s been a struggle.

Hi Hermione3,

I am sorry to hear you are struggling. I wonder if the treatment center you went to before covid would be willing to take you back. If you feel you need a higher level of care, for sure you do. I am glad you are listening to your needs. I understand the job situation and I hope you can find a way to get both: treatment and keep your job.

Keep working on recovery. Do your best and obey your dietician. She is there to help.


Thanks for the support I was

Thanks for the support I was thinking of going somewhere else for treatment this time but in part I want to go to treatment but my parents also refuse to let me. I also don’t feel fully sick enough like I have to be dying for them to get it and even myself I feel do I really need treatment...

I feel I need residential it

I feel I need residential it just is not an option I wish I could go honestly I do I am not doing well granted only one day my weight jumped up which just freaks me out even if I am supposed to gain... I hate it so much

Recovery is hard

Hey, Im sorry to hear you are struggling. I just made an account on here because I am struggling as well. I started recovery about five months ago and right now it feels like I will never get better. I feel like these thoughts will never go away and I just don't know what to do. I feel like im going to be broken for the rest of my life. My parents and I are really not getting along and that makes FBT even worse. Every day is just a struggle and I don't know how to get through this right now.

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