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Trying but struggling...

I am struggling. I start my new treatment Thursday it is a medication but for medication resistant depression I am scared. Maybe it will help maybe it won’t but it is expensive but according to my psychiatrist and doctor this is the best option. I am struggling with behaviors and am exhausted from it. I need to stop and hoping this treatment can help. I am chronically dehydrated and that is causing my main issues... but it doesn’t scare me . I don’t care if it hurts me.

Having a hard time today I am

Having a hard time today I am just tired of this constant battle...


I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a tough day. Mine wasn’t great either, so you’re not alone in that at least. Keep your head up and trust the process I know you can get through this!

Thanks for the support. It’s

Thanks for the support. It’s been another bad day. I see my therapist tomorrow and medical doctor. It’s been maybe 2 weeks since I saw my medical doctor she used to see me every week or every other bit she was away and the week before sick. I start my treatments Thursday and I plan to talk to my team about everything tomorrow just having a hard time...

It sounds like things will

It sounds like things will start to pick up a little this week. That’s great! Maybe you can write down some things you are feeling right now that you can remember to bring up with your therapist and doctor. Take some time to relax as well, it always helps me to zone out and watch some funny YouTube videos or scroll through tik tok for a few hours. It really tends to take my mind off things and at least for a little while put me in a better place. I hope you have a good day tomorrow and the rest of this week. I have my first therapy appointment in a long time with a new therapist so let’s check in tomorrow to see how they went! Try to have some time for yourself tonight and good luck tomorrow!

Thank you and definitely let

Thank you and definitely let me know how your first therapy session with a new therapist today! I am exhausted and have to wear a halter monitor for 2 days so have to wash my hair in the sink so a challenge. I am started my new treatment tomorrow and a bit nervous as it’s new but could make a difference . Work is a mess I don’t know what to do about it. I can’t leave right now or I would COVID messed a lot up.

Keep going!! Newness is a

Keep going!! Newness is a chance for you to get better in a new way and get a fresh start on recovery. I know you can do this. Good luck!

Thank you I am trying some

Thank you I am trying some days are just so hard to manage everything. Happy for my appointments tonight and starting new treatment tomorrow. It’s a busy week but I need to see my therapist and doctor to discuss my fears and feelings of the new treatment. Hope all is well for you I am not giving up yet.

Take care!

We hope things got a little better today. We wanted to make sure you know there are resources if you need to reach out for support: 

Please take care!

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