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Relapse after being sick?

Hello everyone, I'm new here just didn't know where to turn..
I have recovered from anorexia about a year ago. I have been maintaining my weight and my mental health was better than ever.
The thing is, I was very sick (got the flu) this month and couldn't stomach food for a couple of days. Since then I feel a lot more worried about my weight, i feel more anxiety and have thoughts that i didn't have for quite a while.. at the same time i'm extremely hungry and so to not restrict I'm responding to it and eating alot more than usual which of course makes me worried about eating too much.
Does it sound like a relapse? How do i stop this? I'm scared..
Thank you:(

I've heard it said that with

I've heard it said that with problems like ours, we are always in recovery. That being said, we will probably continue to struggle with ED thoughts, albeit with less frequency.
Perhaps this is just a weak moment for you. Make sure you keep honoring what your body needs. food is fuel to live, remember.
Also remember, this is just a weak moment, and it will get better. But it will get worse if you fall now. You can do this, in whatever way possible. hugs and i believe in u :)) you got this XD >.<

deep breath

If you didn't eat food for a few days because you couldn't stomach it, your body is probably craving nutrition. That doesn't mean you're overeating -- it's natural and it's just your body taking good care of you.

Also it's hard to think straight when you're either sick or hungry or both -- if you've restricted before then you probably know that. Being sick is also really stressful, or at least it is for me, and sometimes you can retreat into ED thoughts because they feel safe when you're nervous. I've had this exact thing happen to me (Not being able to eat can feel familiar To which I have to remind myself that I don't actually *want* to be restricting) but it passed for me fairly easily when my body/health/routine was back to normal.

Be patient with yourself. Let your body get its feet back under it and everything should feel a little easier. Even if it is a relapse, if you do get back into a cycle of thoughts/behaviors, you will get through it -- you know what recovery feels like and I can almost promise it will work itself out.

Be well <3

I would agree that sometimes

I would agree that sometimes situations like that can be very triggering for ED thoughts. But you have what it takes to fight them! And right now, I wouldn’t worry too much about “over-eating”. If it’s been difficult to keep things down, that sounds more like your body’s response to get the nutrition it needs to heal. Sickness can be traumatic on the body, whether we see it or not. If you are anxious and concerned, I would highly recommend reaching out to a therapist or dietician who specializes in EDs just to make sure tou stay on the right track. Having the awareness you have is a huge step. You are doing amazing. Try to be gentle with yourself during this hard time and allow yourself to meet your body’s needs. You are worth it. <3

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