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I feel so angry. I have been anorexic and depressed for a few years now but missed my chance to say it. Now it is COVID and my parents think I am being sensitive and exaggerating COVID. They say "everyone feels stressed right now" and "Wow, you are sensitive" and even call me names, curse at me and talk behind my back saying how annoying I am and how I'm crazy. I feel suffocated.

I am so sorry that your

I am so sorry that your family is invalidating your experience. I beleive you and I am supporting you. Your struggle is valid and you can get through this. You do not have to let it consume you. It is awful that your family has said that, but you do not have to convince them that you are sick to be deserving of getting better.

Feel Positive

Sometimes it happens that our wrong thinking also affects our body, so you should keep your thinking positive in all conditions.