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Fighting myself

Hey, so I haven't been diagnosed with any ED however I suffer from some pretty bad disordered thoughts while at the same time my fiance has a severe ED himself and is deep into ED twitter.

I weigh the most in my group of friends ((my fiance and his sisters all suffer from EDs do to abuse) my fiance is aware of my thoughts and is monitoring me but I still struggle. I don't keep track of calories but I cant help but want to. I know I'm not as far gone but I am super scared. I've been bullied my whole life espeically for my weight.

Trying to supporr myself and my fiance is hard, does anyone who's gone through similar have advice on the best ways for me to take care of myself?

Have you reached out to a

Have you reached out to a therapist? It sounds like you may benefit from speaking to someone who can help you before this takes hold of your life. I am wishing you the best. It can be very difficult to be in a relationship where both partners are suffering with mental health issues and neither one is getting help. You could support each other in recovery and get stronger together.

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