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Carpel Tunnel on Left Thumb is Painful and(tiny bit o rant)

It's a constant reminder of my past 2 exhausting jobs when combined together. I hate to say this but the break I had to take, due to Covid, was a saving grace for me. I had been suffering from from my carpel in left hand from a long term assignment where the students would leave a mess of books on the floor by the end of every 6th period class. The other 2nd job in retail made my carpel even worse in having to re-hang, collect clothing repeatedly from the store floors, and also dressing room duty just made my carpel even worse. Then from exhaustion b4 CV-19 break I kind of missed the wall and fell on my buttocks instead w/ my bad left hand saving my back. All these combined led to my near work exhaustion. The last few months i had worked i had also earned the most money and also had felt the most exhausted ever. So with the CV-19 break and in finding a new 2nd job and not teaching onsite just yet; in this spare time i have been able to breath in, and breath out, and take the time to thank God that I am still standing strong. In spite of my "Shortfalls" I am still a CV free person... My new job has me taking breaks every 2.5 hrs and so I am eating more regularly, have time to walk in between work shifts, on my days off. I also have improved my home ec skills for stove top cooking. I am more aware of the types of food which i put into my shopping cart as i walk home w/ 2 arms of groceries 2x a week. I can only carry so much w/ my lame left hand, and my neck and back issues as well. for the pain I'm in. I look forward to working hard, but still need to figure out my new tax status since this fiasco of transitions from old to new jobs and wondering when the school sites, if this year at all, will return to the classroom on site.

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Sorry, i Dont recall using any harsh Language-except English...

Sorry if my words seem to be censor triggers, not sure which 1's i used. But I'm not 1 to swear, or use any foul graphic descriptions. Just venting over CV-19, stress, hand pain, exhaustion, a God Send of a break for me, and recovery of my carpel tunnel arm....

I think there should be a Jr Option for forum members aged 10-17(boys and girls, forum option), and then 18 and older. This would be more appropriate having age appropriate forum levels for keeping the younger members from interacting w/ 18+ adults.

Perhaps NEDA should consider this. Some adults need to express ED issues and they use terms that I know as a kid, I had 0 knowledge of....

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