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ARFID information...

My 22 yr old son just got a diagnosis of ARFID and I'm inquiring to others who may be involved in this. He has restricted his food variety only a few types of foods he'll eat and the amounts to probably less than X calories/day. The reason is always GI distress but now his weight has gotten dangerously low and other symptoms of starvation are showing up. Anyone have any insight that you'll share?
Thanks so much

HI kmmcmc

Hi kimmcmc,I hope you and your son are doing well. It sounds like you’re looking for more information on your son’s eating disorder and I just wanted to point out some of the resources that NEDA provides. You can find some information about eating disorders in general by visiting; further, by visiting this link,, you can read information specifically on ARFID. You can also contact the NEDA helpline to gain more access to resources; the confidential helpline is available Monday through Thursday from 11am- 9pm ET and Friday from 11am-5pm ET. You can also chat with the helpline; helpline chat hours are Monday through Thursday from 9am- 9pm ET and Friday from 9am-5pm ET. I hope you find all the information that you’re looking for, take care.


hi, my daughter was diagnosed with arfid as well 4 years ago, she is now 19. she developed into a full blown anorexic restrictive type after 2 years. she is now battling for her life and has been in the hospital over 45 days this year alone. On a tube, developed pancreatitis and SMA syndrome. not to scare you, but you need to manage this immediately and get him the psychological help he needs. for us, it was about control, not wanting to be thin. make sure you have a great team around you. rehab doesn't always work, but its worth a try if you cant manage this at home.

I would suggest

looking into higher levels of care like a hospital.

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