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Sibling Advice

I have an eating disorder and I'm scared that my behaviors are rubbing off on my younger brother. Also everytime he does an eating disorder related action, it triggers me and holds me back from recovery.


Yeah, it's easy for people to be triggered alright. Try and keep your perspective, is what I would say. You may not always be able too avid being triggered, but at least you'll know where it's coming from. xx

Hi, I’m sorry about your ED

Hi, I’m sorry about your ED and situation with your brother, it sounds like it must be painful to see him picking up on your behaviors like that. I’m not sure what kind of support you already have, but if you don’t already, I’d really recommend seeking professional support, for you and your brother if possible. The NEDA Helpline may be able to help if you’re having trouble, I hope you can find the support you deserve. Wishing you the best

NEDA Helpline

Hi BuNnY1216 - The NEDA Helpline is available for help finding support and resources at 800-931-2237or there is a chat function on this website to discuss support options. Helpline phone hours are Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm ET, Friday 11am-5pm ET. Helpline chat hours are Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm ET, Friday 9am-5pm ET. We wish you the best – you are not alone. Please continue to reach out to the forums, and we hope they are a supportive space for you.