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New here - Looking for feedback about residential facilities

Hi there, My daughter has been in treatment for depression and anxiety for years. She developed an ED this spring, made worse by the COVID quarantine. We are looking for a facility that has residential and inpatient care and can also help with her other conditions. Is there anywhere to get real info/feedback about the different facilities out there? It's so hard to tell what they are really like until you get there. She is 18 so the decision to go (and stay) is hers. We want to make sure we find the place that is the right fit.

Also, is there a way to search the forum topics?
Thank you!

Welcome to the forum

I'm sorry your daughter is suffering. I struggled for 30 years with eating disorders. Getting help has saved my life.
Unfortunately, we are not allowed to post the names of treatment centers or talk about them on here. I think talking to NEDA is a good place to go. But the places you mentioned are good. I've been to them both. That's all I can say. You can also go onto Google to see what past patients have to say about their experiences. I hope this helps.

Thank you!

I went quickly through the rules of the forum and wasn't sure about that. I'll keep looking for reviews. It always seems like the people who wrote them are the ones who were extremely dissatisfied. :-(

You're welcome

Best of luck. Please keep us posted on what happens. My mom never got me help even though she knew I was struggling, so I admire you for getting her help. It's also positive that she is choosing to seek out help.

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