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I can’t stop eating

So I’ve always been bigger than I should be but in the last 10 years I’ve gained a significant amount I fascinate about food, I drive past a shop and think “they sell that” then I go and buy it all and eat it all. For example I could easily got to Morrison’s and buy way too much. Then eat it all in the car on the way home and then come home and eat something else. yesterday I did the above and then for lunch a really large meal, followed by a large dinner. I litteraley never feel full and never feel hungry. a few years ago I was lucky and got onto afitness programme the local authority was running which was 12 weeks of boot camps X times per week and lost some weight really enjoyed life. (I was lucky enough to do the programme twice) but then politics got in the way and I didn’t feel welcome there. move tried joining gyms but I got X or X times. I always feel embarrassed. I got into running and ran a few ks but then I hurt my shoulder and I can’t get back going, I always feel embarrassed the minute I see someone else walking. ive been to the GP many times over the years and told them I feel like an alcoholic would but with food, I was referred to a lifestyle programme but it’s one where after a few weeks they don’t want to be seeing you every week. I went back to the GP and was givenn medication but that didn’t work either. I’ve also taken medication on and off over the years with no joy. I joined a different programme for X months and put on weight I paid to go private and see a physiatrist but after 3 appointments all he was getting me to do was fill in food diaries so I didn’t go back. I really don’t know what else to do, I feel like I’ll never beat this and no one will ever understand my problem or be able to help me. I have a young daughter and I’m embarrassed to be out with her, I go on any rides at theme parks with her and it’s horrible. I feel shame, I know I need to do something but I just can’t motivate myself to do anything. Has anyone ever known anyone this stupid and can anyone offer and advice? thank you

Hi Antwire.Welcome to the

Hi Antwire.Welcome to the forums! We just wanted to let you know that we edited your post to avoid numbers, specific foods and medications, as they can be triggering to other users as per our community guidelines, which can be found here. We also wanted to encourage you to check out our resources, or access the NEDA Helpline Monday - Thursday 11am to 9pm and Friday 11am to 5pm EST. You can also check out the Helpline chat Monday to Thursday 9am to 9pm andFriday 9am to 5pm EST.
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BED -Binge Eating Disorder

Hey Antwire,

Yeah, it sounds like a difficult situation alright. To feel out of control of our life, and like there's nothing that we can do about it. Plus the shame part too - That can't help matters either.

So have you ever gotten hooked up with some binge eating groups ? I'm sure that they must have some online.

Just being able to talk with other people who are in the same boat, and not having to be alone with it…that could help make a difference I think ?

This has been a lifelong

This has been a lifelong battle with food for you. In a way, you might be gaining comfort from your eating and maybe that all the foods you are eating coulbe be classed as 'comfort foods'. People comfort eat when they are stressed, depressed, hurt, embarrassed, ashamed, feeling guilty and the list could go on.... Much of your eating may occur in private – hence going to the shop, eating it all in the car and then going home to eat again. There is that secret element to this satisfying indulgence that will encourage within you a certain enjoyment. The question for you now is....How can you lose the weight, maintain that weight, increase your fitness and overcome your eating behaviours? There are many books, medications, therapies, treatments, fitness programmes....This list can go on. You successfully completed two 'boot camps'. However. What happens after that initial X weeks of intense diet and training? Then you might injure yourself running. As often happens, when an injury strikes it quickly puts a stop on the activity. You may benefit from different aveunues..... Consultation with an advisor. Fitness routine. Self help. Some psychological support. You could seek some dietary advice. You could benefit from a change in how you think and feel about yourself. Your struggles with you weight are not just about the physical side of things – but the mental state of mind as well. OK. When we embark on a diet and fitness campaign, we have these amazing expectations of ourselves. Feelings of guilt and shame can be associated with food and play a major part in the causes of our eating habits - especially any form of eating disorder. Some counselling may help you to explore your feelings of guilt and shame and may also help you to address the personal causes for your eating issues. Much of this can stem from life experiences. Changing how you think and feel about yourself may enable you to overcome those feelings of embarrassment and could be discussed in counselling. There are also books available on the subject of self-confidence. Having the motivation does take time and will power Admittedly. It's not easy, especially when you are trying to juggle it with your other life commitments. You'll learn that these changes may only at times be subtle, but can make a huge difference. What's more important is how you feel and value yourself - whatever the weight.

Community Guidelines

Hi PaulShipmanSmith, thanks for posting! We just wanted to give you a reminder that diet/exercise advice is against our Community Guidelines and not permitted on the forums, as it may be triggering to others. This forum is a place for those recovering and suffering from eating disorders, and weight loss advice, we have found, is not supportive of our community. We removed some of the content of your post, and you can revisit our Community Guidelines here: We hope you understand, and please keep posting.