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do i need help?

hello!! i am 15 and am new to this forum, just for background info. lately, over the quarantine, my relationship with my body image/food has been kind of struggling. i don’t have an eating disorder, but i have definitely gotten obsessed with calorie counting, etc and am scared of gaining weight. partly this is due to tiktok/social media “promoting” a disordered relationship w/ food. how do i break this cycle? the thing is, i eat enough food, etc and so i don’t feel like i “deserve” to recover, because it never got “bad enough”? it’s just that i want to heal and feel better about eating, etc and stop these thoughts before it gets worse. i haven’t been able to tell anyone about my struggles with this, because i don’t want to promote these thoughts in any way. because my friends don’t know it’s a sensitive subject for me, they always make jokes/comments about needing to workout, go on a diet, or they complain about their bodies and it’s super harmful for me to hear when i’m trying to get better. sorry for the long post, but if anyone resonates with this or has any advice, pls let me know! thanks:))

i hear you!

i am unfamiliar w/ tic toc.however. i used 2 use Face book a great deal. i developed the feeling that
it was a waste of time. Many times, social media actually make us feel bad ourselves b/c/ we compare ourselves with how others look and
and what they are doing. You are unique. Develop your interests outside of social media.

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