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Period Talk

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all well. I have never written anything on here before but i thought i'd try it out. :) I know this has been a forum topic before, but i wanted to restart it.

So I was diagnosed with anorexia 7.5 years ago, but i would say my behaviours started about 9 years ago. (I am 24 now) I didnt have a period for like 3 years and then i had like 1 or 2 very light periods in late 2015 and then nothing again. But A couple of weeks ago, I had a very light period again, after 4.5 years of not having one. Initially, I was shocked but now, im actually so glad I had one. It gives me hope that i will one day be able to have a baby. I never thought i would WANT a period ha ha ha, but I really do.

Anyway, the reason I am posting is just to get advice, recommendations, help, suggestions etc. I should note that I am not QUITE in the healthy BMI range at the moment. Not far off though. But the 2 times ive had my period (4.5 years ago and last week), i havent technically been 'healthy' according to BMI measures.

Is anyone happy to share advice or experience? Is it always a 100% guarantee that we gain our periods back if we are a healthy weight for long enough? Or is there a risk that they may never come back? I am actually quite concerned now, after being numb for so many years and not caring at all about my lack of menstruation.

I would really appreciate any info or personal experiences.

Thank you so much and stay safe <3

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