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Am I okay?

I've been showing some symptoms of an ed recently and I was hoping for advice.
I count my calories everyday and if I go over my limit I work the extra calories off. I eat an unhealthily low amount of calories. I feel bad when I have a big meal, and if I know I'm going to be in a situation where I eat a lot (like a party) I don't eat a lot before hand. I weigh myself and have a 'perfect' weight in mind. I feel scared and sad when my weight goes up and happy when it goes down. I workout multiple times a day.
But somethings I do make it seem like I don't have one; I would never and have never purged, I don't feel uncomfortable about the size of my body, I don't wear baggy clothing, I don't fast, I can eat around other people, I have a healthy weight, I can eat junk food...
I'm wondering if I have a potential ed or just an unhealthy relationship with food...
I don't really know who else to ask, I don't want to tell my family or friends. I did the screening test but I want some more advice please, thanks.


Hi OrangeScrunchy - welcome to the forums. Your post had to be edited to comply with our Community Guidelines: Weight stigmatizing language and specific details about disordered eating can be triggering to others. Thank you in advance for understanding, and please continue posting!

Glad you're here.

Hi OrangeScrunchy - we are not able to diagnose EDs as we are not professionals. It sounds like whatever it is, you are recognizing it feels "unhealthy," and nobody knows you better than you know yourself. We are here to listen and hopefully give you some helpful advice, but I wonder if maybe there is someone you could talk to - maybe a best friend or a close family member you trust? Even your primary care doctor. Talking about this with someone who knows and cares about you might be empowering and helpful. You don't have to go through this alone! Anyway, we are here for you too, and keep us posted. <3 STP


Hi orangescrunchy, I'm sorry you've been struggling with some ED thoughts/behaviors, it's totally understandable to be feeling confused about what's been going on, I know where you're coming from for sure. I'm not sure what screening result you got, but I found an article on NEDA's blog that you might find helpful. Just know that if you are struggling, you deserve to get some support, I hope you are able to find it, in any way that's available to you. Here's the link:’m-risk-eating-disordernow-what. Wishing you the best


we can not diagnose you or deny or confirm if you have an ed or not. We are not professional nor is it our job. The best place to go would be a psychiatrist and medical docto versed in eating disorders. I'm sorry you are struggling, but unfortunately we can not help you on here other than empathizing and encouraging you to seek professional help.

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