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Question about a possible ed

<p>I have a question- do I have an ED? Here are my symptoms Anorexica symptons Exercising a lot Exercising after meals Hides or lies about eating Wanting to loose weight and be underweoght Counts calories and avoided certain foods Weigh my self at lwasr once a day Thinking I'm fat wven though I'm not I feel very guilty after I eat Wanted to purge and use laxatives to loose weight (have purged before but only a few times) Always hungry caise.i don't eat enough Taking at least am hr for eating Taking small bites and dri king tons of water so I fell full so I dont eat Drinking a ton of water throughout the day Symptoms of binge eating disorder for me: Eats until I feel extremely uncomfortable or until I feel like I'm going to throw up Eatinf when im not hungry When I start binging I feel like I don't have control and can't stop Either does it late at night or when my family isn't home Eats to much during meals Snacks at least 5 times</p>


We cannot diagnose you with an eating disorder because we are not professionals. Best place to find that answer is a professional, like a psychiatrist or medical doctor trained to recognize and diagnose eating disorders.

Can't diagnose but...

Hi Dog_lover (I love dogs too!) - Tryingtoheal ^ is correct, we cannot diagnose on the forums because we are not professionals. But I hope you seek help for what you're going through, as it seems very possible reading through your symptoms that you're dealing with an ED. NEDA is a wonderful resource and can help with finding treatment providers in your area. Seeking treatment for my ED saved my life and is the best thing I ever did for myself. Also, we can't diagnose, but we can understand and support you so I hope you continue posting, and I hope you get some answers soon. Keep us posted! <3 STP


Hi! I agree with the last two commenters in that we can't exactly answer your question, but really encourage you to speak to a professional as they will probably be able to answer that any any other medical or mental health related questions you may have, because it sounds like you are going through a lot, and we want you to get the support you deserve :) But, something through NEDA that I'd recommend doing is their online screening tool, which may give an even clearer answer as to whether seeking professional support would be the best option for you. You can find it pretty easily on the website, and again, I hope you find the support you deserve. Stay well

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