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How can I feel comfortable with how I'm eating?

Recently, I was restricting a lot when it came to my food and dropped a significant amount of weight. I even lost my period and this had going on for a few months. Now that I have realized what I was doing I have tried to creating complete meals for myself to eat but in the past three days I have just grabbed everything I could eat in my kitchen and just ate everything without even thinking. I did this for three days so far and the first two days it was to the point of uncomfortableness and the third day was just enough to keep me full. I'm scared that I am starting to binge on everything but I can't tell if it's just because my body hasn't been getting enough to eat. I'm still scared about what I'm eating but I don't want to be. Honestly, I just want to feel comfortable in my body without thinking I look ugly or "fat" and not be so scared of food all the time however, I also don't want to continue eating all the food I can find in my house mindlessly.

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Hi Lavendermoon – welcome to the forums. We edited your post to remove mentions of numbers, which are not allowed on the forums. You can review this in our community guidelines found here.  We also wanted to make sure to post the NEDA Helpline information for help finding support and resources. The helpline phone line can be reached at 1-800-931-2237 (Monday-Thursday 11:00am-9:00pm, Friday 11:00am-5:00pm EST). Helpline chat hours are Monday-Thursday from 9AM to 9PM ET and Friday 9AM to 5PM ET.  Thank you for understanding and please continue to post!

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