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Hi. I am actually able to say that I had a good day today and have a feeling of peace. My roommate isn't here and I spent a some time at my parents with a sister/friend. No stress and a really nice time. I am actually having my picture taken a few times, one a selfie which I can not do right, and one where my friend took one of me and one where my Dad took a picture of my sister/friend. I call her that because she was kinda adopted into our family over fifteen or more years ago when she was new here from the Philippines. She calls my parents Mom and Dad. We are her family away from her blood family.

I am doing a lot better with the eating and am now able to exercise where I was unable to for a few years because of pain. It feels good to be able to move my body again.

I am working on putting the situation with my roommate into perspective. She grew up in a home where she had a stay at home mom who cooked and was there all the time. My Mom had to work after she went to nursing school. My father was a pilot and was gone for five days, four days, home for three back out for any number of days so it was very difficult to not have consistency and my roommate doesn't seem to have had the traumas and pain that my family continues to endure. So her lack of understanding, and her not having memory problems makes it difficult for her to relate to the serious issues my family has had to face. She doesn't understand mental illness. So I need to offer her more grace.

So that is how things are going for me. New attitude. Hopefully it will last.

Take care,

So happy to hear about this

So happy to hear about this and I wish you many more of these happy days :)

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