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Returning to Work

I've taken a leave of absence from my job that I love to go to treatment. Res, then PHP, now back home in EIOP. Since I left for treatment, my position lapsed per company policy, but my Department Head has insisted to HR they hire me back. NOW going through the hiring process, and I'm getting stuck at the cover letter.
HR and my Department know why I left and what I'm doing, but I don't feel comfortable saying something like "ALL BETTER!!" in a cover letter.
Has anyone else experienced this? Ideas?

I'm sorry that I can't relate

I'm sorry that I can't relate, but it does seem a bit awkward to walk back in like, "Hi, I'm fine now." I can understand how that would be stressful to deal with. Maybe talk with a friend or a therapist and find out a good way to handle the situation. Good luck!

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