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Extreme Hunger

I keep eating very large amounts of food at night, and it's really stressing me out. I don't know if I'm bingeing or if it's extreme hunger. I'm recovering from anorexia, and I have been restricting a little over the last few days, but the reason I started restricting more was because I'm so panicked about how much I'm eating at night. It's only made it worse though. I don't feel like I'm eating because of any particular emotion that I'm feeling. I just start craving something, and eat a little, but then find myself wanting more and more. I'll feel so full and sick and my stomach hurts, but it's like my mind just keeps telling me to eat more and more. Is this extreme hunger? Should I keep eating even when I'm feeling really full physically if I'm still craving food? Do I need to eat more throughout the day to stop it?

A sigh of relief

I’ve been having the same problem since I am in treatment and working towards recovery. Your feelings are totally valid; I was worrying about this earlier today. Your body is malnourished and mentally hungry, which is why you may be eating past physical hunger. Although it’s difficult, just remember to show yourself compassion since you deserve to be happy.