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Initially when everything shut down, I felt like I was holding a pretty even keel and even making some headway in recovery since I had a bit more time to spend on myself and pro-recovery activities. However, since week 1 I have been mandated to provide childcare for first responders and essential workers by the governor. I don't mind my co-workers or the kids (although more and more attitude seems to be cropping up), but my supervisors are making the job intolerable. They are constantly contradicting each other, giving mixed messages, conflicting instructions, and yelling at us when we don't do exactly what they said (which incidentally seems to change by the hour). We are feeling like children ourselves who are being nagged at constantly. At this point, we don't know who to go to up the chain to ameliorate the situation and it is quickly headed downhill. As a result, my stress level has gone way up and although I am trying to engage in positive activities such as meditation, going for walks, etc. I find that I am very slowly sliding backwards. It is scaring me as it is a direction I certainly don't want to go.
In "retaliation" I have started implementing snacks with more rigor and plan to discuss this with my therapist on Tues.
Thanks for listening.

I know things are difficult.

I know things are difficult. This whole work situation is very frustrating. Maybe if you and your co-workers get together and all talk to the superiors and confront the problem, or ask the most outgoing of your co-workers. It is definitely a difficult situation you are in to be sure. But i'm proud that you have been so strong up to this point, keep going and being great! Fantastic job on adding snacks! Keep going! :)