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being honest...

I was honest with my therapist that I have a scale and I know my weight...and it is as always never good enough...I hate it I would be lower if I hadn't gained it back in hopes to keep my former therapist by doing what I was supposed to but led to a lot of purging and maintaining where I wasn't comfortable even if in reality that is the weight my nutritionist wants...I am going to tell her today too that I have a scale I told my therapist I would. my therapist said I am doing well with the meal plan my nutritionist has set that is more manageable I have purged less and mostly follow it. I am just struggling wanting to stay on this path. I am tired work though I have one kid is still tiring because I have been off for months and Monday I will have 3 kids. still not sure it was right to go back but no turning back now.

The first step is admitting

The first step is admitting that you do something. It was good that you admitted to someone that you do indeed check your weight. You should be proud of yourself for that, it took a lot of courage. But, now I think you need to correct your mistake by working even harder! Challenge yourself by eating foods you've labeled as bad! I know you can do this!

Thanks for the support I do

Thanks for the support I do eat challenging foods but with my family because I don’t want them to know I am struggling .. it’s too much. I am not ready to step out of safe foods.

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