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Do I have an eating disorder or it's just me

Hi i'm actually not from the states but I do have relatives there. In our country, eating disorders are not very much discussed but it is a toxic trait of our nationality that kids are getting teased when we get chubby. I was chubby in my teen years but I decided to lose some weight cause of all the aunties teasing me and as well my family...since then I have been very strict on what i eat and I feel guilty when i over indulge from my favorite foods.. I was thinking at some point " why is it so easy for others to eat a lot and still look great? while i haven't reached my ideal weight and I get fat by just eating my favorite food??"

until now in my adulthood, I've always continued my healthy lifestyle, but when i get to college i have times that i just can't eat healthy cause fast food are more convenient for me but I try to eat healthy at least once a day...Now in isolation, I have decided to set a goal for myself but cant complete my exercise or food goals and feel guilty.

So to summarize: i've been having hard time in my eating psychology and sometimes it depresses if it's really an illness (cause i have not went to a doctor and seems like not lots of doctors sepcialize this condition here in our place) or is it just me overacting to what i want to look like?? heheh i think i just need someone to talk to :(

Dear pilipinay

We are sorry to hear you are struggling. If you are able to, please chat with us online and we can see if there is an organization in your country that specializes in Eating Disorders. Our online chat is available M-TH 9am-9pm ET and F 9am-5pm ET. We also have our confidential NEDA Helpline if you are able to call. You can reach us at 800.931.2237 M-Th 11am-9pm ET and F 11am-5pm ET. Additionally, we have to edit your post of content that could potentially be triggering. You can always review our community guidelines here: community-guidelines Take Care!

Hi there,

Hi there,

One of the biggest most important things I have told those I know who also have issues with their relationship with food and have tried to ingrain into myself, is you’re not overreacting and there could absolutely be a bigger issue at hand. The good thing is, you are at a stage where you can seek help and hope it doesn’t get any worse. The bad thing is, if you don’t, it can be very easy to let it spiral.

I’m no medical expert, so I suggest reading through and researching more about different types of eating disorders.

It’s important to recognize what these different courses of action actually do to your body and WHY they don’t work. Myself, I know my bulimia and recently discovered laxative abuse are doing much more harm than good, but it’s like a psychological crutch. I think you’re in a very vulnerable state. It’d be beneficial to yourself to speak with a healthcare provider if you can. Although you may not have a full fledged eating disorder, you are definitely on a very wide path that can very quickly narrow down.

You are absolutely validated, and this is a tough experience to go through. Please seek help if you can, and get some resources before something awful and consuming takes over you!



we are not allowed to diagnose you or say whether or not you have an eating disorder. Only a medical professional is able to do that, and it would be a disservice for us to even try. There's also a short, temporary screening on this site that could give you a better idea, but not take the place of, a medical professional. I hope this helps. Keep us posted on how things go.