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True Beauty - a poem

If you look at the post, I just did entitled best group I had, you will get the basis for this poem and also understand the part that I cannot include.

after I said my last negative line, I then wrote the following:



What Really is True Beauty?

It just seeing beyond all those lies
Knowing that the Truth
Is there before my eyes.

What Really is True Beauty?

It is being true and real
It's about just being myself
And not worrying about if it's a big deal.

What Really is True Beauty?

It is Laughter amongst the Pain
It's crying; knowing there's Hope
It's Loving Rainbows and accepting rain.

What Really Is True Beauty?

It's hurting yet knowing it's okay
To learn new memories
Because I'll survive and get through the day.

What Really Is True Beauty?

It is when the truth I see
That anything people said I was
Truly has nothing to do with me.

What Really Is True Beauty?

I show my Love for everyone
Just like Jehovah told us to
In imitation of His Son.

What Really Is True Beauty?

I show I possess it every day
By being kind to one and all
In smiles, and in words I say.

What Really Is True Beauty?

It is when I show that my Heart
Truly reflects God's Beautiful Love
Yes, from that True Beauty, I will Never Part.

{We are all beautiful, my friends. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I hope this helps someone, even if it's just one.}


That was amazing. So True and so beautiful. I love it. So proud of you.


I love this

This is so beautiful. It made me cry a bit (in a healing way). Thank you for sharing this part of your healing. I love you.

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