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I did an assessment with a program just to see what they thought and they think residential would be the best care for me right now with the PHP being not in person...I am in a way not surprised but surprised. but I start with a new therapist today so just going to go in with that. I am not sure I should do residential because as work may open back up I already missed 4 months and doubt they would hold my job again...its a big thing and my insurance does work with them ahh terrified.


I can understand how you might be hesitant to go to residential because of your job but maybe you could find a different job after treatment. You have to take care of yourself first. I hope the session with your new therapist went well. Keep posting.

Thanks fir the support but it

Thanks fir the support but it isn’t easy to find a new job especially now with everything shit down and places getting rid of employees they already have. I hate it but it is what it is I had a FaceTime with the new therapist abs she seemed nice and not rushing the food stuff because that’s where I am at and my last therapist just couldn’t do it I am going to be hopeful that maybe it will change things around.

Maybe I should go but I just

Maybe I should go but I just feel I promised my parents my last time in treatment was the last and of course work... why do I do this. I liked my new therapist maybe that can help turn things around and I can maybe get on the waitlist fir residential as a back up

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