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An appropriate title for an.eating disorder forum. I have been consuming large quantities air sugary foods and carbs the kind that do nothing positive for me. I put
on uniform for work today, the first in six weeks and it is tight. I am so upset on top of not sleeping and anxiety. I had a beverage that had caffeine in it in the morning. I don't know if this is a factor or not I just know that I going insane


I’m sorry that you are having a lot of anxiety right now. Would it help to keep a food journal? Just know that I care and I hope things get better.


Hi Blue44,

I am going to start a food journal today as well as a sleep journal. That is a good idea. I am just so sad

Were you able to take the time off from work to go Residential?

Everything seems to be happening for you at 1 time. Are you looking forward to returning to work? You care for sick people, or elders?

How long will you stay at the Res Facility? Do you think that returning to work, or the thought of it got you into a tailspin and this spiraled into another hospitalization into residential?

Im just confused over the 2 different directions which you are having to enter at this current time. Weren't you also attending school and taking psych classes?

What happened to those plans? You could just return to school and work part-time or not at all. There is a lot of financial aid out there for students in need.

I forgot, are you in a relationship w/ any sig others?

Good Luck, whatever your decision.

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