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night time

Hi there. I am up again, and it is after midnight. I find it very difficult to go to sleep and with the dyautonomia that I have, not being able to sleep is one of the symptoms. I have a slight case of it, while my sister's life has been severely limited and she is mostly bed bound and or in the hospital because of it. So I am thankful that I only have a mild case. But being up late gives me time to worry and I have very bad anxiety. It has been especially bad these past two days. I have had to use prayer, DBT skills and distraction to deal with it.

I know many people are dealing with anxiety and using food to cope even those who do not have eating disorders, during this Covid illness. I live in New Jersey, the second hardest hit state in the US and the second hardest hit city in New Jersey. There are over 4,000 deaths in New Jersey alone. And tomorrow I am finally going back to work, but I work as a home health aide so there is a bit of a risk there but I know God has called me to work with the elderly and I want to be working now more than ever to be with one or two of them and try to help ease their loneliness and fears. I had to wait until my sister was well enough and today is the day. I still have to sleep but it is today even though it is still night.

So I just needed to get that off my mind. Night time, eating late and weight gain. UGh. But if I put it in perspective with what I said about Covid, I could be dealing with a lot worse things. Thank you for listening


Sorry to hear that you had trouble sleeping. I hope that today has been good for you and getting back to your job. Talk more later.

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