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Calories ...I need help so badly...

are making me suicidal. I ate what my husband considers a small meal. I don't know how much more 8 can take. I'm freaking out. I ate too many calories. I'm so fat. I'm too fat.


Try to just remember that’s it’s just energy. Calories give you energy to function. I’m sorry that you are feeling so badly. Call a crisis line if you need that. Please take care of yourself.

Thank you

for caring. I hope I can get help soon.

I relate to your situation

I relate to your situation completely. The best advice I can give, STOP counting calories. I know you don't want to. I didn't either, but i'm so so glad I did. The reason I tracked was for some control, so I thought that instead of counting calories I would just write down everything I ate. Which wasn't the best, but it was a step. Now I don't do either. first step is to stop counting calories. All you think about is the numbers, and as time goes on your ED will slowly decrease the amount it thinks you should have everyday. Until it's nothing, like in my case. I know it sounds really hard to do this, but if you wish to feel better you have to. It will seem impossible at first, but as time goes on you will be so glad you stopped counting.


How are you doing today? I hope that you are feeling some better.

I agree with Miggi. Maybe try

I agree with Miggi. Maybe try asking someone to prepare a meal for you that you're comfortable with & that you don't know the calorie content? Or try to find a new food that you like without looking up the calories? Try to try to divert your thoughts making enjoyment of the food a higher priority than how many calories it might contain. Easier said than done but it might make eating easier.

Thank you for the response

now I'm only making it halfway through the frozen meals. I feel so ugly and worthless.

Crisis Resources

Dear Tryingtoheal –the feelings you have described are very concerning and we worry about your health and wellbeing. Please reach out to the following resources if you need support:

  You are not alone. We encourage you to seek help, and please take care.

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