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Baking, Maybe Not

My brother recently bought some mix for a baked good. And my ED wanted to say, "Haha, i'll make them with you but I don't like that dessert." Even though I really really love them. I'm very nervous because I think about the mix just sitting in the pantry and I want to throw it away, or hide it. And I know that we don't have a pan to cook them in, so today I hid them in the back of the pantry, but my brother asked me if I wanted to make them tomorrow. My ED voice was like, "Oh but we don't have a pan, we should just wait to make them..."
But he was all like, "Oh i'll just go buy one. What kind do we need."
I was panicking, and I said i'll send you a picture. Hope he forgets about it. I know he won't though. I don't want to make them because if I do I know I'll eat them. I'm so scared.

You vs ED

Don't listen to ED, we get better by being uncomfortable. You love the dessert, but ED hates them. You have been controlled by ED for so long, its time for you, the one who likes this food, to break through. You are strong. You can do this. And this will be a healing step.


I can relate so much to the conversation you are having with your eating disorder. My girls like to make that dessert. They expect me to eat them too. I do enjoy eating it but my eating disorder tells me I shouldn’t. I hope that you will be able to make them and eat and enjoy. Keep posting.

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Hi Miggi – we edited your post to remove mentions of a specific food item, which are not allowed on the forums. You can review this in our community guidelines found here. Thank you for understanding and please continue to post!

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