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Today I ended it with my therapist it was an incredibly difficult decision. I had a very close relationship with my therapist maybe sometimes too close but she has gone above and beyond for me so many times but we both agreed this was not working anymore. I am just heartbroken it’s been like 12 years hard but she was so proud of me she said it was growth but it hurts. I have an appointment with a new therapist Wednesday my nutritionist recommended her I am scared. My heart just hurts tonight

I'm sorry

saying goodbye is never easy. Unfortunately, it's a part of life; it's inevitable.


I am so sorry for your pain. Loss is never easy. I know you have been thinking about starting with a different therapist for a while. I am sure that the both of you will feel the sting of this as you were together for so long. I hope that with fresh perspective and with different eyes you can continue on your journey towards healing. I know you are sad right now. That is normal. I send hugs to you. I am proud of you. I know this was not an easy decision. Hugs

Thanks for the support this

Thanks for the support this will hurt for a little bit and I just have to not let it jade what I think of other therapists I can be picky but the one well I am FaceTiming with Wednesday knows my nutritionist and works with her so hopefully it will go well and she understands this was hard for me.

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