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An idea write down a thought of thankfulness

Hi everyone. I know things have been very challenging for most of us. There is additional stress to already stressful situations. I was thinking that maybe we could all post one or two things that we are thankful for or that went well this week.

I am thankful for where I live. I have a beautiful brook for my backyard where we see a lot of deer families pass through all day. I live three houses from my parent's.

I have written a lot about my sister. Thank you all who supported me these past weeks. I am thankful that her fever is low and she is coming off quarantine tomorrow.

I am thankful that even when storms come, I am not alone. And that even if I all I am not because I know Jesus is always with me. When I fall, I get back up.

Now it is your turn. Anyone who wants to say something positive to try to lift spirits, please do. It may take a moment to start but give it a moment and it will come.



I am thankful for the moment of peace I had when I opened the window this morning and the family of tiny birds outside were singing their song.

I’m grateful to have people in my life who don’t give up on me.

I’m grateful for having a treat today and enjoying it without ed yelling at me.

I’m grateful to have been able to video chat with a local friend, it’s the first time I’ve seen anyone other than my parents and therapist in over a month.


I am thankful for my parents who love me no matter how much I don't deserve it.

I am thankful for being able to take walks and enjoy the cool fresh air throughout this quarantine.

I am thankful that God has blessed me so that I may know and believe in Him.

I am thankful for people online who support me.
Thank you, everyone.

Hugs. Thank you, too. I think

Hugs. Thank you, too. I think it helps a lot of us to be able to both give and get support.


I am thankful for technology that is making it possible to stay connected with my church family and therapist. To be able to post here and offer and receive support.

I am thankful foe all of you who are on this journey together as we work on our recovery.

A quote I read at dinner "God is the only One Who can make the valley of trouble a door of hope".
Catherine Marshall

today's thankfulness

So for today, I am thankful that I slept very well last night and at an early hour. I decided to take a natural supplement that is produced by our bodies, mine is just lacking some. So I couldn't even finish the things I was working on as I am used to doing a lot at night. I just fell asleep in the middle of it all and slept all night.

AND it is a beautiful day outside.

Anyone else want to give this a try?


I am thankful I'm safe and healthy.
I'm thankful for kitties that bring me comfort.
I'm thankful for technology that allows me to keep up with school and connect with friends that are scattered all across the United States.
I am thankful for my family who loves me.
I am thankful for medical care that is helping my body to heal.
<3 imstillgrowing


Thankful: Sometimes it isn't easy to be thankful, but when I think about it I have a lot to be thankful for. My canine child laying next to me, brings me such joy.

My faith and the fact that I am able to share openly in this country if the other person wants to talk about such things.

I have a car.

My parent's live three houses away and I rent from my father.

Hope. I am thankful for Hope. For me, Hope is a Person. He represents that I know that no matters what happens, He's got me.

These are just a few for today


Me again

Hi all. I am thankful today for the beautiful day, beautiful weather. I am thankful for being able to say no to the things that aren't good for me, for God and friends and my therapist that I can go to for support and this forum where we can all support one another.
Have a great night.



Although today was rather difficult I choose to be thankful for a nice comfy bed that I am sleeping in with my fur baby laying next to me

I am thankful that Jesus promised He would never leave me nor forsake me, that He loves unconditionally.

I am thankful that my parents love me

That I have a house to live in in a safe neighborhood with a park like backyard with a brook all along the back.


Hi all. I'm new here. I'm thankful that there is an online forum where I can connect with other people wrestling with ED in recovery. That's a big blessing! Especially during these particularly challenging days of Covid and quarantines.
Thankful for the weather where live heading toward a proper lovely spring -temps moderating and flowering trees starting to bloom alongside the bulbs: tulips, hyacynths, daffs, grape hyacynths. Ahhhh. Thankful to live in a safe enough place. Thankful that so far, we are permitted to walk outdoors.

bringing up the post on thankfulness

Hi everyone. There is so much pain and fear these days that I think it is important to try to think of things that we are thankful for. I think this can really help us in our recovery as well as lift our spirits some, when we see there are things we can be thankful for:
So here goes mine for tonight: I am thankful for all deer friends, yes, deer not dear. There are so many of them in the yard, coming right up to the window. I love watching them.

I am thankful for my one sister and the fact that we are reconnecting.

I am thankful that my therapist took me back after I fired her.

I am thankful for a new eating disorder life coach who is a Christian and understands eating disorders as she had one. And the fact that she is a Christian. And the fact that she runs a free online support group weekly.

I am also thankful for my psychiatrist who has a group run by a therapist for crisis support. I have more support now than I have ever had and one may think why do I need it now? Well I need it now to keep my head above water and with all that is going on in my life and the life of my family.

So your turn. What are you thankful for? I started with one thing and came up with several.

Take care,


being thankful during really difficult times

I need to remind myself that there is always something I can be thankful for. Even when my days seem dark and there is a lot of emotional pain.


I am thankful for my bedroom. It has yellow walls and a neighbor was getting rid of furniture and put out a very nice bedroom set. Yellow with painted flowers which are green and yellow, not too noticeable but subtly and very nice. There are two mirrors and it has three sets of three drawers. Then there is a tall piece that has about eight drawers. Then there is the side table where I place books on. I kept the wicker desk which was part of a set that I had since I was 16. I was given a very nice new couch that is small and perfect for my room. I have a double bed, first time in my life that I had such a nice bed, and God helped me find a yellow comforter that was originally $200 and I bought it for $20.00. Yes, amazing. So it is quite comfortable in my room. The couch came at the suggestion of my therapist who said it would be good to have something besides my bed when I am in my room to be able to use.

Almost everything I own is second hand. Not that I am complaining. It is all good. I am thankful that friends and neighbors were giving things away and I was able to be a recipient of the furniture and other things in the house.

So there it is. Things I am thankful for.

How about you? What are you thankful for, even if life isn't easy right now.

Take the challenge and join me with this project.


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