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Laxative recovery


Was wondering has anybody stopped taking laxatives for a period of time now and finding it very hard to get rid of the weight gain?

i stopped taking them about a year ago and gained alot of weight around my legs, stomach and thighs i am healthy eating & exercising now for at least 8 months and i cannot loose it

has anybody experienced this and how to maybe assist in getting rid of this water weight

its very fustrating it feels like no matter what i try i cannot get it off

thanks in advance

Hi catherine1

It sounds like you are getting in a healthier groove. I know water weight can be frustrating but everyone’s bodies heal differently and adjust at different rates. Stay strong and keep up with the healthy movements. If you are really worried about the water weight I would recommend asking your doctor. They are a safe person to ask and may have some ideas as to what is causing water retention during recovery. xx

Dear Catherine, sorry to hear your struggle

I had the same problem. The only thing that was useful for me was to join a gym, see a dietician weekly, swimming laps @ the local college pool, and eat what was recommended for me to eat.

I felt sooo good working out, and still caring for myself that these activities became a healthy routine in my life. I am only walking for an hour nightly now as my gym closed down one summer, and now with to everything being closed down-i also can't swim laps currently.

I look forward to getting back on my horse and riding but everything is on hold currently. Try and find some good things to due with your time and measure yourself less, or look in the mirror less.

Oh female hormones also helped to balance my female system which also was causing me a ton of water retention. They put me on Yasmin and the water weight came off and that's when I was able to fit into my bathing suit so I could swim laps. I had Late Luteal Phase Disorder/PMS so that hormone balanced my system out just right...

Try and keep busy, try positive thinking and healthy activities during these difficult times. In time, with body work, you should see big improvements.

Drink more water daily too. And journaling about this process in recovery helped me a lot. I wrote down my struggles, how I was feeling, and what I could do to think positively.

Good Luck and hope you feel better soon.

thank youu

thank you for your response. yes i am hoping that my body will soon adjust to things i only really took laxatives for a short period of time i didnt think that it would cause water weight like this but if it doesnt improve i might speak to my GP

Thanks again