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Weight gain

Hi, I am really conscious about gaining weight, which I know is something that I need to do in order to recover, but right now I am struggling with this. I have just started gaining weight really fast, and I am eating less than what I was at the beginning of recovery. I have been in recovery for about 2 and a half months. In the beginning to initially gained a bit of weight, which the doctor said was water weight, and then my weight gained plateaued for a while. Has anyone has similar experiences, does the weight gain slow down as you reach your bodies set point weight?

Hi. I'm no health expert so

Hi. I'm no health expert so can't comment on what your weight's doing but understand how difficult & scary it is to gain a lot of weight really quickly. For me, it feels like some kind of cruel trick, like a bully trying to make my already difficult life even harder. Rubbing salt into the wound. Perhaps reflect upon the good things that come with having a healthy body, such as a better chance of fertility (if that's important to you) & having more energy. A healthy body is also more likely to live longer. Think of all the amazing things a fit & healthy body can do, such as run marathons, climb mountains & explore the world (I'm not sure if any of these appeal to you but I guess you'll have your own ideas of great achievements). Part of the mental recovery is realising that the ED's idea of the perfect body is unachievable so there's no point in paying it any attention at all. You could literally be a rotting skeleton & it won't be good enough for the ED! I hope this helps. x

Adding to that

I'd also like to add about how much better I feel emotionally as I gain weight. I used to be depressed and kind of lash out at everyone around me who really mattered, and now although I am also not really happy / very conscious about my physical changes I am, I guess, enjoying life in a different way.

Thanks for your reply... And

Thanks for your reply... And I can understand where you are coming from in this sense, but I will just have to work on it and I am sure I will be able to get through. Many other people have been through this before me and they have all made it to a better and happier place, I hope I can get there some day soon too!

i kind of feel the same i am

i kind of feel the same i am nearly bigger now than i was before i actually had an ED ?? i feel like no matter what i try that the weight gain keeps coming rapidly

I gained weight super fast in

I gained weight super fast in treatment, it was a struggle because everyone was telling me, keeping food down won't make you gain crazy amounts of weight super fast... and then it did, haha. Honestly though, I think it was actually a blessing in disguise because it was like ripping off a band-aid- my absolute worst fear came true, and I just had to face it head on, because my only other option was staying sick. I've been at a healthy weight for about a year now, and I don't gain like that anymore... I can feel my body fighting to be at the weight it is. When I've made half-hearted attempts at weight loss my body really wasn't going for it, but it also hasn't gained in surprising ways the way it did when I first started gaining. Obviously though, everyone's body is different.
I urge you to hang in there though, because there's no way out than through this, even when it seems like other people's recoveries look a bit easier to handle lol.

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