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Started restricting and now I'm not hungry

Hello... A couple of weeks ago I started restricting what I was eating again, after about 2 months in recovery. I stopped having my 3 supplements that my dietian had told me to have, although I was still having my 3 meals and some snacks. I had an appointment with my dietian this week and they told me that I need to have all my supplements again, as my weight had gone down a bit. I am trying to have my snacks and supplements again, but I am not hungry. Is this normal, has any else had this? Before I started restricting again I was hungry all the time, even though I was having 3 big meals and 3 sufficient snacks with an liquid supplement. Do I need to eat more to get my hunger back? I am really struggling to eat more because I am not hungry. Has anybody had a similar experience and do you have any tips to fix this?


we can't really tell you what to do since we are not trained professionals, but know that I, too am struggling with restricting. You are not alone. How did your appointment go? Were there any suggestions?

Hello, no... Not really any

Hello, no... Not really any feedback, because I am not at my weight range quite yet, the dietian just said keep doing what you were meant to be doing! This is really hard because I know as soon as I eat more I am going to start gaining really weight really fast and U don't know if it will ever stop. Thanks for your comfort though, it really helps me not to feel so alone.

You're NOT alone

YES you are NOT alone I feel the same (and did the same, restricting once more). I don't have anything to say just yea you're not alone, many of us are struggling and unsure.

I Hope You Gain Your Healthy Appetite Back Soon

Do you think it has any relation to what's going on with the world currently. I haven't been working since the week of St.Patty, I have been in a really different space. I wake up and must be available for work, all day?

I busy myself w/ surfing the necessary websites for various places to check on emails, etc. This desk work is exhausting and strains my visually impaired eyes. Most the day, after a nutritious breakfast, I sit and stay busy, I forget to eat.

As a result of this spaced out-sheltered state, I feel strong for not feeling hungry. This has become a contest w/ myself. When i was a kid I would see how far i could swim across the pool.

Now i'm trying to see how much time I can busy myself for. I try and stay indoors, shelter, and feel a certain level of enjoyment in doing so.

I have a routine for myself during this craziness going on. I walk after dinner nightly. My routine keeps me sane.

You think you might be affected by the CV-19?

NEDA is here to support you during the evolving COVID-19 outbreak. The health of our community, especially those who are most vulnerable to the virus' serious complications, remains paramount. To access resources that can provide free and low-cost support, please click here.