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Anxiety in Self Isolation- trying to be 'normal'

I've been nearly 4 months ED free, after 25 years of living with bulimia. I've had some setbacks, but I've kept going.
I live in Nepal, but have evacuated and am now living in Melbourne with my boyfriend.
I usually live alone!
Living and sharing this space, these meals, all the things- it is wonderful but it is also scary and hard.
I sometimes act irrationally, get irritated, and still think about food and what I'll be eating all the time.
There's a lot to say! Not room enough here.

He knows, but we don't talk regularly about my 'condition.'
And I don't want to make that a big focus.
But I need to share my thoughts and anxieties with someone, or I will explode on him, and it's not his fault. He's been wonderful.

Anyone else struggling in self-isolation/ quarantine?


My husband went golfing so I spent the day alone with our dogs. I tried not to turn to food after my meals, had a healthy lunch but after dinner hit some junk food just because it was so weird to be home alone all day. I felt fat most of they year as I'm under a lot of stress from the construction at our house. Our builder isn't very responsible and it's setting me off..i want to restrict my food so I can get control of this remodel but he keeps not following the plans and then making excuses. I am reeling with frustration and my husband doesn't want to talk to the builder so it's all on me. I feel like that just makes the builder less respectful and me more stressed in turn. I did take the dogs to the park and talk to some friends there that cheered me up but I know I'll have to deal with the builder's bs again once the quarantine ends and again it will be just me dealing with him. I feel so weak and powerless to get resepect!
my boss also tends to ignore me off and on and she is in an ignoring phase since we all started to work from home so that's hard. I may get laid off since our business is down but I'm being kept out of the loop. I appreciate you asking if anyone else is struggling...I didn't realize how much I was:)

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