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Feeling really lost and alone lately. I’m probably gonna end up hospitalized and that’s really not what I want but nothing is motivating me to even try. I’m so broken I don’t know what to do anymore. This social distancing thing is miserable and I absolutely hate being home this much. I feel so suffocated and just want it to end. I don’t want to trigger anyone... but for the past few days I’ve really wanted to hurt myself... I haven’t done anything yet, but the urges are so strong at night that I’m scared I might.

Dear Zaynab, we are very

Dear Zaynab, we are very concerned about your safety. If you are in crisis please text "NEDA" to 741-741, call 1-800-273-8255 or call 911. Please stay safe!

Stay strong

With the recent changes, it can be easy to turn back to habits that don’t serve you to cope/find a sense of control. However, you have the strength to persevere and overcome what is holding you back from fully living. You are loved, stay strong.

NEDA is here to support you during the evolving COVID-19 outbreak. The health of our community, especially those who are most vulnerable to the virus' serious complications, remains paramount. To access resources that can provide free and low-cost support, please click here.