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My Eval Today

The eval didn't go great. They are only doing virtual sessions right now so the partial hospital program isn't even running. I need more help than virtual sessions. But the psychiatrist said my orthostatics didn't qualify me for residential, however she would be willing to change her recommendation if my doctor was pushing for residential. But my doctor is on leave until next month. So they said to just go home and try to eat more and exercise less.
Feels like my only hope now is to go to my physical next week with my doctors PA and see if I can get into residential. So depressed and discouraged right now.


Hi. I am really sorry you were told that. I know that IOP and PHP are not operating right now. The fact that you are being told that your vitals need to be at a certain level makes no sense to me as there is so much more to an eating disorder than vitals. Or orthostatic's. I wish they understood this and didn't disqualify people from help for these things as it perpetuates the falsehood about eating disorders and causes people to feel they don't deserve help. This is not true and you know you need help. I encourage you to let your doctor know everything going on with you and your thoughts and behaviors as this is what is important and may help the program change their mind as they said.

I am glad you are reaching out for support. Be encouraged in the Love God has for you and call out to Him for help. It is a promise of His that He will respond to our cry's. In the Bible it says God is near to the brokenhearted and those who are faint of heart. Scared and weary.

Right now there is a lot of fear and I am fighting against succumbing to it. I am listening to the Bible on my TV through an app and there are beautiful scenes of the ocean. Psalm 91 is being read. If you can, try reading it or google it and read. I think it will help you.

We are here for you.


And I can't believe they had

And I can't believe they had the gall to say try to eat more and exercise less!! If you could do that, you wouldn't need them in the first place! Duh!! I'm so sorry. It must be so discouraging. Please hang in there. Take care.

Thank you guys for your

Thank you guys for your validation and your encouragement. It means a lot. My therapist is going to call the doctor I'm seeing next week and going to push for me getting into residential as well. I just have to survive day by day for now, as we all do. I appreciate all of you and I'm here for you guys as well

I'm sorry

About your evaluation. Know it will happen. We are here for you.

i hope...

i'm so sorry for your disappointing and frustrating evaluation.

i sincerely hope you soon get the help you need and deserve.

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