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Out of work for 2 weeks

Out of work for two weeks with the virus. I was at a point where I wanted food but led me to purging now I have no desire to eat. It’s like it switches and I don’t know how j will handle this two weeks. I know how to stay busy even when just in my home but work keeps me on schedule to eat and stuff but now I feel not eating is better then the purging when it isn’t. I have a phone session with my therapist tomorrow I am going to talk to her about it and mg doctor wants to check in to discuss any behaviors etc. I have to be fully honest with all of them. I also have a phone session with my psychiatrist this week I am hoping all will help. I have to eat but I am scared of losing control like I felt I had been then purging. I hate that I am not past this stuff it’s all me b keep myself sick and hate myself for it. Not to mention no money without work I applied for unemployment but have to wait for the funds...




I’m sorry that you are struggling. I really do care about you. Can you reach out to someone on your treatment team today? Post here as much as you need. You are important. You deserve happiness and freedom from eating disorder thoughts

Thanks for the support I saw

Thanks for the support I saw my doctor today who was concerned about my behaviors,.. my vitals weren’t great I am very dehydrated and she said to really take precautions and wants to check in again next week we did in person today but phone next week. I talked to my therapist and I was honest and amazing the difference when I am honest it was a super helpful session and we dug to what really triggered me to slip up. She did say not to let it spiral j get in dark places and I llose sight of the positives but she said she would not hesitate to send me back to treatment.

Good for her

That shows she cares. Glad you were honest.

Thank you and yes it was

Thank you and yes it was really great and helpful and showed she cared I know that but it really helped. She told me to tell my nutritionist too she knows I don’t see her for 3 weeks now money reasons but my nutritionist will still talk to me. We can’t meet in person right now anyway. I saw my medical doctor who helped and was just concerned about my behaviors and I talk to my psychiatrist tomorrow. I feel better being honest it really did help. My therapist said the truth will only help she can’t help me if she doesn’t know the truth.

Cant go to the store for fear of illness contagion

I have had to resort to alternatives to eating store bought solid food. I feel more hungry most the time since I had to begin conserving my refrigerator foods....

P.S., I hope you feel stronger soon and continue to take care of your basic needs such as drinking enough fluids, eating 3 square meals a day plus snacks too.

Try and relax and read a book, watch tv, listen to music that inspires your soul, and call a friend to chat in between therapy and med checks....

Thanks for the support I am

Thanks for the support I am struggling been reading and watching tv. J have done continuing education fir work for the month. I am not drinking enough I struggle with that a lot. I have not been following through with my meal plan my psychiatrist today said what would happen if you had to go to treatment again right now as I am out of work anyway... it’s hard I am just having a hard time. I hate this and myself right now.

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