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Sister Denial (reflux)

hi my sister has had an eating disorder for nearly 2 years and at the beginning was eating normally but obviously purging afterwards. she is now at the stage where she claims she no longer has an eating disorder but that she has an eating reflux, where anything she eats automatically comes back up. she denies this is an eating disorder problem and is adament its a physical condition. my parents and me are out of answers and she is not starting to refuse to go and see her therapists as she claims she is over her eating disorder and just wants her stomach relux to be fixed and she will be all better. i dont know whether to face up to her and say this still is her eating disorder or go along with her and hope she continues to talk to her therapists and she will get better? any help at all would be so appreciated. thanks

Reflux / Gastroparesis

I'm not an expert on this, but people can have medical problems (specifically gastroparesis) where they eat, but their stomach won't empty itself along into the rest of their digestive system, so the food just sits there and they end up throwing everything back up again. Having been previously bulimic can set a person up for this serious medical condition, so I think it's worth taking her complaints seriously, and getting a medical opinion one way or another.

There are treatments for it that can sometimes work, as well as well-established tests for the condition, but it's something that can turn into a particularly distressing lifelong condition ( a close friend can no longer eat solid food, and has to be fed through a tube in her side) so I'd want to get her to a doctor and have her checked out soon if it were me.

Otherwise, I suppose she could just be trying to fool you all, but really, if she seems to say that it's out of her control, it's quite possible that she's telling the truth and should get checked out.