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Post Therapy- Dealing with Depression/Anxiety

It's been hard. A lot of family stuff has been coming up that has been triggering to me due to past traumas and I actually just stopped doing to therapy. I'd been in it for my ED, along with depression and anxiety. I thought I was ready to venture out on my own. I didn't feel I was getting anything new out of it and my therapist agreed that I was ready. I don't really want to go back to therapy, mainly because I want to learn how to live my life outside of it for awhile. It's also a cost thing. I don't take medication for depression or anxiety since I want to learn how to cope without them. And I've been able to so far. A lot of my support systems are going through their own stuff and I guess I feel bad loading on my own issues onto them. Not many of them understand the best way to support me sometimes and it's hard to teach people how when I'm dealing with these issues. Any advice?

Hey there, thanks for sharing

Hey there, thanks for sharing. I too have depression and an eating disorder, as well as OCD. Im stepping back from therapy due to cost as well. However, I've been on meds for the past few years and had to acceptt that I have a chemical imbalance and the meds help me be healthy, just like taking a vitamin or drinking water. Its just something i have to do. It sounds like you need more support right now, and I want to encourage you to think about not going cold turkey on treatment...its tempting to try to go it alone but its okay to accept that you need help and support right now. Can I encourage you to look into low cost or free therapy groups? I just attended a six week skill based DBT course that was very helpful and super cheap. Its okay to be in therapy. I've been in therapy for years and it doesn't mean I can't cope, it just means I have an extra support when I do start struggling again, which is inevitable because we're all human. Don't try to go it alone! You're not alone.

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