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I switched to third shift, and it is really negatively effecting my body. I have completely lost my appetite. I’ll be starving and as soon as I look at food it turns me off. It’s kinda triggering for my ED. I thought I could handle this shift, but I don’t feel like myself at all.

Im sorry this is happening,

Im sorry this is happening, what do you think could be triggering these thoughts?

Thank you

I think it’s just from switching to an unusual shift. My body is having a hard time adjusting. I had no appetite today, and it was hard to force myself to eat. All the sudden I just don’t care about food even though I know I need to eat. Sometimes I feel like I’m giving into it, because my ED wants me to think it’s a good thing I have no desire to eat. Maybe it will just take time to adjust I just needed to let it out. I feel bad for always talking about my issues with my husband. I feel like a broken record at times

Me too

I went through the same thing. I was on 2nd and 3rd shift, and working 3rd shift makes me nauseous and so turned off to all foods. I went to the doctor today to get a doctors note to keep me off 3rd shift because it is negatively affecting my health. I don't know if i have an eating disorder, or if there is a name for what i am experiencing, but i have a phobia of throwing up so working third shift and feeling nauseous just made every thing worse i won't eat for a long time and I'm losing weight and i am very nervous. You aren't alone.


When I worked third shift, for even the very short time that it was, I know it really messed up with my eating, and I really didn't want food at all, so I feel for you. (And this was prior to my having an e.d.) Hang in there. Hugs

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