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Suspicions about friends

I am worried about two of my friends having eating disorders, however I don't know if I'm being overanalytical or what to do! One of them is a girl I know from school and the other is my best friend since birth. The girl at school was making comments about being skinny and glorifying it in a sense, as well as making comments like, "oh I just don't eat very much". The comments about food are exactly what I would tell people who asked me about my food intake. The other friend is someone who is and has always been not the typical societal beauty standard and I am worried about her because she has been making comments about eating healthier and exercising but then describing what sounds to me like disordered behavior. I can't tell if because I suffer from disordered thoughts that I am oversensitive to these types of comments but I think not. However, I don't know what to do in either case! And as I have just begun my recovery, these comments are SO triggering and I don't know how to deal with that either! If anyone has advice on any of these things I would appreciate it so much!


Maybe you could ask the people on the NEDA hotline for suggestions. Sorry that I don't have any, but maybe others will.

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