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Groundhog Day

Here I am again, repeating the same eating schedule all over again. Yes, and like yesterday accomplished a lot this a.m. good "stuff". Good breakfast. Lunch awaits. Took much familiar but "triggerish" preparation. Cooking quality food, healthy and tasty. But once again , so hard to wait. I'm actually salivating. (who can understand but a food addict like me). There was a "should" happening. Wouldn't be the worst thing to eat after I post. BUT do what I wasn't able to do yesterday, go to the help line phone, the second lunch is finished. "FULL STOP"..popular expression today, yes?
No one here may relate to this, I don't know. But I'm fighting for the quality of my life and my best health. My eating disorder is as a "binge eater" (grazing style). Nothing matter's but me NOT keeping this HUGE STRUGGLE INSIDE. IF YOU'VE READ THIS...THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. CC

too busy "help line" on other calls

That's o.k. glad they're helping others. But what are my options? "In crisis?" Suicide Hotline. I'm not suicidal. BUT in crisis. A food addict in crisis. No where to go with this. If I didn't have certain physical problems, I'd get myself "locked up" so to speak. Use to be places I could escape to, when I was working full time subway then bus and a sigh of relief at a women's reasonable homey hotel/spa. It's been a life of "the search" and finding temp.relief. And these only touch-the-surface systems. What's offered now? Frozen food packages delivery, gimicky I-Phone money making programs or for the already obese GB surgery? Which does nothing after initial drastic, painful procedure to change cravings,fullness etc.for most. Long story short? Hopefully the pain of my grazing after lunch today will keep me conscious and the rest of today will be very light in the food dept. CC

Sounds like things are a

Sounds like things are a little up and down, keep going and stick to your goals, I know you can do this!


I'm sorry you couldn't get thru to the helpline yesterday. I wish you had the option to text. I don't have a lot to offer right now. I'm very depleted. Just know I care, and I'm here for you.

thank you both for responding, really means so much

ATK, texting. Dupuytren's contracture stage 4 right hand, stage 2 left hand.
When the hand Dr.said since the fingers were digging into the palm of my hand, might have to amputate at least the ends of my fingers. Gory enough for you? sorry. No way!! Have told a few Dr.'s Think they'd rather operate. For anybody interested this is a gene thing, mostly northern European inherited. The medication heavily advertised. Terrible reactions from 2 women friends, had to have the surgery anyway. And, the D.C returns. OH,BTW MOST IMPORTANT: finished a nice lunch and had that brief "I want to continue eating" moment. But said: " go to the "forum", maybe just maybe someone has posted a response. and YOU AND MIGGI DID!!! YAY AND THANK YOU BOTH AGAIN. JUST SAVED MY EATING DISORDERED BINGE EATER LIFE! BIG HUG, CC

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