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Hi. I am just wondering how you are doing today. Thing of yoy..



It's still been rough. My psychiatrist agreed to wean me off the one med that I knew is causing the increased depression and lack of motivation, and then starting me on another med that I've taken before and did well on. I was hoping to start an alternative form of treatment, but he doesn't think Medicare pays for it. Figures! Anyway, I'm still really struggling with the desire to do much of anything, especially eating. Yesterday started well, mainly because I awoke at 1:30 a.m. (from a flashback, ironically), but the lack of sleep made me slightly manic, so I was able to allow myself to eat. But by noonish, I began freaking out about it, again, and now, I'm back in that "normal" mind frame of feeling terrified of eating anything. I did eat breakfast today, and now I wish I hadn't, even though I still restricted some, according to my meal plan. I sincerely doubt I'll eat anything else today. It's just too nerve-racking. I do see my e.d. therapist today, at least, so hopefully, we'll get some insight on this together. I'm just so very, very tired of dealing with this. Thx again for asking about me. I hope your PHP goes well today. Keep us posted.

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