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waiting for my "fix"

What to do, what to do? A half hour to go. Can't wait for food. All chopped up as I'm involved with very heavy dental work. Woke up at 6:30. Big bk decision but pleased with what I chose. Healthy, satisfying and delicious (my 3 musts). Dressed made bed and out to do errands. Love any distraction.
Stomach growling. No matter how anxious: eat slowly, savor and chew well, and the toughest always, to stop, no more when the meal is over. So hard to "leave the party". Taking care of the always errant child within. And, a brain that never forgets when seeking pleasure. Yippee, only 15 minutes now. Catch you later...after. CC iT'S LATER NOON. I MADE IT!


I always love reading your posts, CC. I'm so glad you're still fighting and making it through each mini-battle. Hugs.

thank you again, SO much ATK

Lunch fine in every way but "ending it". (Did "run" to my computer. No one posted, didn't think to call the help #. But will try to remember tomorrow. Trouble is they're not always available.) Two hours of grazing bits from this to that. When this happens as it has for a long time, with a day now and then of my dream sensible, healthy BUT conscious eating (in calm control) So when my "spasm" was over said to myself, "o.k. CC, consider this lunch and dinner. Desired but planned moderate healthy snack later in evening, close to bedtime as possible. Usually brush and floss after eating to help me realize "it's over". This is like some sort of science. BUT exhausting and boring! How many years??? Again Debbie Reynolds "life is a fight". CC

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