National Eating Disorders Association

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Hello there. First off, I am not a male, sorry. But I have struggled with eating disorders for a long time. I am now mostly in recovery. You are correct in saying much more needs to be done to help males and seniors with eating disorders. I know someone who is a senior who starting using alcohol to cope and another person said well, older people don't become alcoholics. I was like...what? Don't you know how high the rate of alcoholism is in the senior population. I say that to let you know that people just don't realize that any age, any color, any gender, any economic back round or race do struggle with the same things. Things like mental illness or eating disorders for staying on topic do not discriminate. For so long, there were only females in treatment facilities. For the most part this is still true today. I am 52. For a very long time as the eating disorder continued to rule my life, I was one of the oldest person in the program. I felt terrible that I was such a bad influence for all the youngsters there that it was not good for me. They really needed to separate the thirteen year old's from the adults as we have different life experiences and issues. For you not being able to find care in a mostly segregated society when it comes to the treatment of eating disorders, I am sorry. Segregated in terms of programs not having specific help for men, and for older adults who usually start off young and never finding recovery, or having the eating disorder start late in life when life got really difficult.

My hope for you is that things will change quicker than they are. More awareness is occurring but not quick enough for those as you need help now. Please feel free to post on the working toward recovery and maintaining recovery. You may find more support there, even if it isn't always a man giving you the support. I don't know how you feel about that.

My warmest wishes to you and please, keep posting and reaching out for support.