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Hi. Hope you are ok. How are things going?

Thanks so much. Looking for advice...

Hi alwaysthinking. Thanks for checking in. I have been ok, lost track of posting. There's ups and downs and I think I need to recommit to trying to eat because I think I must have accidentally undereaten, which then triggers restrictive thoughts.

I actually logged on because I am concerned about somebody else in my life... I recently started spending time at my dad's house with his girlfriend. She has two 13yo girls who I was immediately protective of re: eating and before break introduced some anti diet-culture ideas. But now I am more concerned. This morning I noticed the scant breakfast of one, and ended up talking to her mom and am even more worried. There is some concern of her purging (throwing up and exercising) and she has given away food at school or just not eaten her lunch.
I told her mom step one is get rid of the scale in their bathroom! And be careful especially now about how you talk about food. But that's all I have... I have to keep thinking of ways to lend support but if anybody knows anything about intervening with young teens and eating disorders it is welcome.

I know in my own recovery I had already heavily researched my own ED, and then just hit a breaking point and was ready to "give up" and recover. I can try to introduce her to some anti-ED content, but waiting for her to reach rock bottom on her own is really an unappealing idea.

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