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I drove myself to the ER on Thursday because I knew I may have done something detrimental if I had gone home, so I made sure I stayed alive by admitting myself to the ER, then got transferred to the psych hospital the next afternoon. There was no internet available for patients, otherwise I would have posted updates.


I just made my comment to you on the other forum. Still, glad to have you here again.

I appreciate it

Thank you. Right now I am feeling some mild mood swings, but nothing to be concerned about.


Hi Savedbygrace - we’re so sorry to hear you’ve been having a difficult time, and hope you got the support you need. You mentioned some concerning feelings, so we wanted to make sure to post information about resources if you need support:

Please know you are not alone, and take care of yourself.

Thank you

I appreciate it.

NEDA is here to support you during the evolving COVID-19 outbreak. The health of our community, especially those who are most vulnerable to the virus' serious complications, remains paramount. To access resources that can provide free and low-cost support, please click here.