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Why do people, as soon as they learn you have any type of mental disorder, start treating you differently? This is rhetorical, because I know, it's the society in which we live, due to all of the stigmas the media portrays about mental illnesses. I hate it, though. All my life, I've been the different one. In school, everyone would come to me with their problems, knowing I'd listen, commiserate, give advice, if that's what they needed/wanted, or just be there for them; whatever they needed, I was the person to whom to go. I would have people I didn't even know very well, by sight only, basically, come to me with their problems and do this. But the second I tried to talk to ANYONE about MY issues, it was, "head for the hills, she's crazy!" Unfortunately, that seems to have continued. I feel like the only place I ever "fit in" is in hospitals, when I'm around others with mental illnesses. They get it. They don't treat me like an outsider, or like I have the plague, or whatever. I hate being surrounded by the people whom I love the most and feeling like I'm in solitary confinement. I mentioned how I've been feeling to my best friend, (who, by the way, has never treated me this way) and he said, "they don't know what to say to you." My response was, why? The last time I checked, I'm still a human being. I didn't sprout 5 ears and antennae, did I? How hard is it to engage me in a conversation? I know it's just because they're letting their prejudices about mental illnesses get in the way, and that really frustrates me. It hurts so much to see everyone around me engaging in conversations with one another, and I can sit in my chair for 20 minutes, and no one even attempts to come over to say anything to me. So, I am done. I am closed for business. If no one wants me to share my feelings with them, or tell anything about my life, or even exist, it seems, so be it. What's the point? Why eat? Why do anything? I've never been this depressed in my life. I keep sleeping throughout the day, and I've never done that before. I've always been high-functioning, even at my most depressed, always doing SOMETHING, even if it's just playing a game on a device. But now, I literally have no desire to do much of anything anymore. If people are going to treat me like I'm invisible, I might as well be invisible. I'm thankful for all of you, who are super supportive. I just wish the people I have directly around me would be the same way.


Hello friend,

I am so sorry for you pain and isolation. I just want to offer you a virtual hug. I am not going to say much, not my norm!!! Because I feel you just need to be acknowledged and accepted for where you are right now. I wish I could take your pain away. All I can do is love you from a distance and pray for you. I love you and hope that you start to feel better soon. As for those who can not understand, I don't understand.

Please keep posting for yourself, you don't have to respond to everyone's post. Get the support you need and just be supported without having to "earn" it. Not saying that this is what you do, just saying rest and receive.

Your friend,


I just want to express to you that I care for you very much. It hurts me to read of how much you are hurting. I am sending you a hug. I wish that I could help you in some way. Just know that I’m always here to support you and listen.

I just want you to know that

I just want you to know that I love you and care about you. Your voice matters, all of you matters.
Hugs, Braveheart.


Hi alwaysthinking - we’re so sorry you’re feeling alone right now. Please know that you are important. You mentioned concerning feelings, and we want to make sure you know there are resources are available to you:

Please take care.


Thank you all for your support.

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