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Taking that first step

Hello! I’ve struggled with builimia for a decade now, and one of my biggest obstacles to getting and staying better is shame. I’ve been able to garner the courage to talk to a couple of friends about it but I have some much shame around it that it’s hard for me to keep reaching out for support and encouragement. I was in therapy for over a year but I was so ashamed I could barely talk about it so I didn’t make much progress. I go through periods where things get better and periods where things get worse, but even in better times I struggle with the shame that I carry. I’m hoping that just by writing this post I can release some of that, and maybe also get some support and encouragement to keep going. What are some ways that you guys can own your shadow around this and deal with the shame that comes with an eating disorder?


I think it's basically the stigmas that have to do with the way Society has portrayed any type of mental disorder. You wouldn't be ashamed to admit that you have diabetes would you? Or if you had muscular dystrophy or any other type of physical infirmity? You would know that they weren't your fault they were just something that happened. Mental disorders are the same way. They are something that just happened. They are not your fault. Unfortunately Society has painted the stigma on them and we are getting the blame for them. If you are able to accept this and realize this maybe you can get rid of the shame that comes with it. I'm sorry that you feel shame and hopefully you will be able to get rid of it and know that it is not your fault. I wish you the best and I hope that you continue to post and get the support you need and deserve.

I support you!

I'm currently trying to challenge my struggles for the first true time right now, it's hard, I believe in you and in me!! We got this!

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