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I told.

I was writing a letter to my parents and my therapist. It said the same thing, I told them that it's too much going three times a week and having a nutritionist come to the house that many times too and it's just school and this. I don't get to go do things with my friends. If this is my new life I don't want it anymore, I almost gave into binge eating and I want to d. They said they will back it off and let me be me and have fun with my friends. I feel like crying, I don't know what's wrong with me. Sorry for this one.


Hi there. I am glad you were finally able to let your parent's know how you feel. When you say they are going to let you be you be you and back off, does that mean you will have no more therapy and dietician help or just cut back? Do you want to have some but just not as much as you were getting? I am sorry you are feeling so sad and confused. Please know we are here for you to support you through this. It is difficult and challenging. I hope you are able to know what you want and to ask for it, even though you are confused right now. Maybe after a few days you may find out what you need after having so much help and then having it reduced.
I am proud of you for finally speaking up. It may be that your parents are confused as well. There is help from NEDA for them if they want it.

Best wishes for you and know again we are here for you.


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